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Concise Encyclopedia of the History of Energy

Cutler J. Cleveland

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The Concise Encyclopedia of the History of Energy draws together in a single volume a comprehensive account of the field from the prestigious and award-winning Encyclopedia of Energy (2004). This volume covers all aspects of energy history with authoritative articles authoritatively contributed and edited by an interdisciplinary team of experts. Extensively revised since the original publication of they Encylopedia of Energy, this work describes the most interesting historical developments of the past five years in the energy sector.

  • A concise desk reference for researchers and interested in any aspect of the history of energy science

  • Provides eminently cost-effective access to some of the most interesting articles in Encyclopedia of Energy

  • Significantly revised to accommodate the latest trends in each field of enquiry

  • Coal Industry, History of; Coal Mining in Appalachia, History of; Conservation Measures for Energy, History of; Conservation of Energy Concept, History of; Early Industrial World, Energy Flow in; Economic Thought, History of Energy in; Ecosystems and Energy: History and Overview; Electricity Use, History of; Energy in the History and Philosophy of Science; Environmental Change and Energy; Fire: A Socioecological and Historical Survey; Geographic Thought, History of Energy in; Hydrogen, History of; Hydropower, History and Technology of; Manufactured Gas, History of; Natural Gas, History of; Nuclear Power, History of; Oil Crises, Historical Perspective; Oil Industry, History of; OPEC Market Behavior: 1973-2003; OPEC, History of; Prices of Energy, History of; Sociopolitical Collapse, Energy and; Energy and Solar Energy, History of; Thermodynamic Sciences, History of; Transitions in Energy Use; War and Energy; Wind Energy, History of; Wood Energy, History of; World History and Energy