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Embest Mini8100 (T400142)

Mini8100 Processor Card

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  • Dimensions: 59 x 37 mm
  • Temperature: 0 to +70 Celsius
  • TI OMAP3530 processor
  • 600-MHz ARM Cortex™-A8 Core
  • 412-MHz TMS320C64x+™ DSP Core
  • 128MByte DDR SDRAM, 166MHz
  • 128MByte NAND Flash
  • 32768Hz RTC (Real-time clock)
  • 12-bit Camera interface (support analog camera)
  • 2-channel SPI
  • GPMC bus (16-bit data bus, 10-bit address bus, 4 chip-selection signals and several control signals)
  • 3-channel 5-wire UARTs
  • 1-channel ULPI (USB1 HS)
  • Audio in/out
  • 1-channel I2C
  • 2-channel McBSP (McBSP1 and McBSP3, McBSP3 is multiplex with UART2)
  • 2-channel SD/MMC: MMC1 (8-wire), MMC2 (4-wire)
  • 24-bit DSS interface
  • Single 3.3V power supply

 Embest Mini8100 Processor Card


The Embest Mini8100 processor card is designed specially to be the heart of your next embedded design. The tiny board integrates TI OMAP3530 processor (ARM Cortex-A8 Core ~600MHz paired with a TMS320C64x+ DSP ~412MHz). The processor card takes use of all common features of OMAP3530 and the connection between the processor card and your carrierboard is through two 1.27mm space 90-pin biserial dip connectors. 16-bit data bus, I/O and all other hardware interfaces are all expanded via these two connectors. The fully expansion can be used adapted to customer requirements.

Integration of the Embest Mini8100 processor card to customer special design is fully supported by Embest technologies. Embest also designed an expansion board which can fully evaluate Mini8100. The whole system is called SBC8100. Embest offers Linux 2.6.22 and WinCE6.0 BSP for this board. Customers can leverage our experience to increase your own productivity. The optimal embedded microprocessor solution provides users with a flexible development environment based on OMAP3530 and a shortened development timeframe.

Layout and Function Block Diagram

Signals routed to 1.27mm space 90-pin Connectors

Embest Mini8100 processor card is connected to mainboard via two 1.27mm space 90-pin biserial dip connectors. User can use the processor card conveniently for different applications. Signals routed to the two connectors please refer to the file:

 Connector for MINI8100

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ItemEmbest Mini8100 Processor Card
Embest offers SBC8100 CD data if you buy Mini8100 only.
Embest SBC8100 Single Board Computer


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