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Pamięć SDRAM DDR3 2Gb, 1.5V

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Pamięć SDRAM DDR3 2Gb, 1.5V


The 2Gb Double-Data-Rate-3 (DDR3) B-die DRAM is double data rate architecture to achieve high-speed operation. It is internally configured as an eight bank DRAMs. The 2Gb chip is organized as 32Mbit x 8 I/Os x 8 banks or 16Mbit x 16 I/Os x 8 bank devices. These synchronous devices achieve high speed double-data-rate transfer rates of up to 1600 Mb/sec/pin for general applications. The chip is designed to comply with all key DDR3 DRAM key features and all of the control and address inputs are synchronized with a pair of externally supplied differential clocks. Inputs are latched at the cross point of differential clocks (CK rising and CK falling). All I/Os are synchronized with a single ended DQS or differential DQS pair in a source synchronous fashion. These devices operate with a single 1.5V ± 0.075V power supply and are available in BGA packages.


  • 1.5V ± 0.075V (JEDEC Standard Power Supply)
  • 8 Internal memory banks (BA0- BA2)
  • Differential clock input (CK, CK)
  • Programmable CAS Latency: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
  • CAS WRITE Latency (CWL): 5,6,7,8
  • POSTED CAS ADDITIVE Programmable Additive Latency (AL): 0, CL-1, CL-2
  • Programmable Sequential / Interleave Burst Type
  • Programmable Burst Length: 4, 8
  • 8n-bit prefetch architecture
  • Output Driver Impedance Control
  • Differential bidirectional data strobe
  • Write Leveling
  • OCD Calibration 
  • Dynamic ODT (Rtt_Nom & Rtt_WR)
  • Auto Self-Refresh
  • Self-Refresh Temperature
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Package: 78-Ball BGA
  •  Operating temperature Commerical grade (0℃≦TC≦95℃)

Memory pinout:


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