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USB Audio to I2S digital audio bridge, QFN32, Silicon Labs, RoHS

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USB Audio to I2S digital audio bridge, QFN32, Silicon Labs, RoHS

All major commercial operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS) support the standard USB Audio Device class. Codecs and DACs typically have only an I2S (Inter-IC Sound) digital interface, and thus cannot connect directly to a host system. In addition, when a DAC is powered on, it typically needs to be configured by the host via an I2C (inter-integrated-circuit) digital interface, with a non-standard protocol. Finally, in order to support push button volume and mute synchronization with the host system, the target USB device must support the standard USB-HID Consumer Control interface. Thus, adding USB digital audio to an embedded system or as dongle or appliance typically involves complex USB protocol programming as well as I2S and I2C programming capability, prototyping, integration and testing. The CP2114 USB Audio Bridge is specifically designed to overcome all these issues and commoditize USB Audio and DAC configuration for turn-key product development.


  • USB Digital Audio Out (Audio Playback Device)
  • USB Digital Audio In (Microphone/Recording Device)
  • HID Consumer Control handling standard volume and mute functionality
  • Pre-configured support for 3 commercial DACs
  • Tested for USB plug & play and audio quality on all major operating systems
  • UART interface using standard USB HID device class
  • 12 Configurable GPIO Pins with Alternate Functions