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Single-chip RF transceiver, TSSOP28

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A unique UHF RF Transceiver
The CC1000 is a true ultra-low-power single-chip RF transceiver for e.g. the 315, 433, 868, 915 MHz bands. It has been specifically designed to comply with the most stringent demands of the low power radio market. Based on a pure CMOS technology this is the first product in the market that offers a unique combination of low cost and high integration, performance and flexibility, thus setting a new standard for short-range wireless communication.

Key Features:
  • Single-chip RF transceiver
  • Programmable frequency (300-1000 MHz)
  • Very low current consumption (Rx: 7,4 mA)
  • Very few external components required
  • FSK modulation spectrum shaping
  • Low supply voltage (2,1 - 3,6 V)
  • High receiver sensitivity (-110 dBm)
  • RSSI output
  • FSK data rate up to 76.8 kBaud
  • FSK modulation spectrum shaping (optional)
  • Programmable output power, -20 to 10 dBm
  • Programmable frequency in 250 Hz steps
  • Crystal temperature drift compensation possible without use of external TCXO
  • Suitable for frequency hopping protocols
  • No external RF switch /IF filter required
  • Integrated bit synchronizer
  • Single-port antenna connection
  • Small 28-pin TSSOP package
  • Complies with EN 300220 and FCC CFR 47, part 15