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Advances in Nanoporous Materials

ID: 170388

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Advances in Nanoporous Materials is a collection of comprehensive reviews of lasting value in the field of nanoporous materials. The contributions cover all aspects of nanoporous materials, including their preparation and structure, their post-synthetic modification, their characterization and their use in catalysis, adsorption/separation and all other fields of potential application, e.g. membranes, host/guest chemistry, environmental protection, electrochemistry, sensors, optical devices, etc.

The term Nanoporous Materials is understood to comprise all kind of porous solids which possess pores in the range from ca. 0.2 nm up to ca. 50 nm, irrespective of their chemical composition, their origin (natural or synthetic) and their amorphous or crystalline nature. Typical examples are zeolites and zeolite-like materials (e.g., crystalline microporous aluminophosphates and their derivatives), mesoporous oxides like silica, silica-alumina etc., metal organic frameworks, pillared clays, porous carbons and related materials.

The contributions review the literature in a certain area thoroughly and critically and offer a state-of-the-art overview to the reader.

State-of-the-art reviews keep coverage current

Broad scope provides a full topical overview

Contributions from renowned experts lend authority to the material

Zeolite Membranes - Status and Prospective
Advances in Aromatics Processing using Zeolite Catalysts
Mesoporous Non-Siliceous Materials and Their Functions
Catalysis with Microporous Aluminophosphates and Silicoaluminophosphates Containing Transition Metals