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Bioscience and Bioengineering of Titanium Materials

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This unique book about bioscience and the bioengineering of titanium materials is based on more than 1,000 published articles. It bridges the gap between the medical/dental fields and the engineering/technology areas, due to the author's unique experience in both during the last 30 years. The book covers Materials Classifications, Chemical and Electrochemical Reactions, Oxidation, Biological Reactions, Implant-related Biological Reactions, Applications, Fabri-cation Technologies, Surface Modifications, and Future Perspectives.

* Provides quick access to the primary literature in this field
* Reviews studies of titanium materials in medical and dental applications, as reported in nearly 1,500 articles published over last several years
* Draws information from several types of studies and reports
* Helps readers answer questions about the most appropriate materials and when to use them

Chapter I. Introduction
Chapter II. Materials Classification
Chapter III. Chemical and Electrochemical Reactions
Chapter IV. Oxidation and Oxides
Chapter V. Mechanical and Tribological Behaviors
Chapter VI. Biological Reaction
Chapter VII. Implant-Related Biological Reaction Chapter VIII.Implant Application
Chapter IX. Other applications
Chapter X. Fabrication Technologies
Chapter XI. Surface Modifications
Chapter XII. Future Perspectives