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Carbohydrates: The Essential Molecules of Life
  • Carbohydrates: The Essential Molecules of Life
ID: 170911
Robert Stick, Spencer Williams

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This book provides the "nuts and bolts" background for a successful study of carbohydrates - the essential molecules that not only give you energy, but are an integral part of many biological processes.

A question often asked is 'Why do carbohydrate chemistry?' The answer is simple: It is fundamental to a study of biology. Carbohydrates are the building blocks of life and enable biological processes to take place.
Therefore the book will provide a taste for the subject of glycobiology.

Covering the basics of carbohydrates and then the chemistry and reactions of carbohydrates this book will enable a chemist to gain essential knowledge that will enable them to move smoothly into the worlds of biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology.

* includes perspective from new co-author Spencer Williams, who enhances coverage of the connection between carbohydrates and life
* describes the basic chemistry and biology of carbohydrates
* reviews the concepts, synthesis, reactions, and biology of carbohydrates

1: The 'Nuts and Bolts' of Carbohydrates
2: Synthesis and Protecting Groups
3: The Reactions of Monosaccharides
4: The Formation of the Glycosidic Linkage
5: Oligosaccharide Synthesis
6: Monosaccharide Metabolism
7: Enzymatic Cleavage of Glycosides: Mechanism, Inhibition and Synthetic Applications
8: Glycosyltransferases
9: Disaccharides, Oligosaccharides and Polysaccharides
10: Modifications of Glycans and Glycoconjugates
11: Glycoproteins and Proteoglycans
12: Classics in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Glycobiology

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