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Finite Element Analysis with Error Estimators

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This key text is written for senior undergraduate and graduate engineering students. It delivers a complete introduction to finite element methods and to automatic adaptation (error estimation) that will enable students to understand and use FEA as a true engineering tool. It has been specifically developed to be accessible to non-mathematics students and provides the only complete text for FEA with error estimators for non-mathematicians. Error estimation is taught on nearly half of all FEM courses for engineers at senior undergraduate and postgraduate level; no other existing textbook for this market covers this topic.

* The only introductory FEA text with error estimation for students of engineering, scientific computing and applied mathematics
* Includes source code for creating and proving FEA error estimators
* Complete with homework exercises and supporting website with instructor's solutions manual

Introduction, Mathematical Premliminaries, Element Interpolation and Local Coordinates, One-Dimensional Integration, Error Estimation for Elliptic Problems, Super-convergent Patch Recovery, Variational Methods, Cylindrical Analysis Problems, General Interpolation, Integration Methods, Scalar Fields, Vector Fields, Index, Solutions Manual