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Robotic Development Kit - Line Sensor

Robotic Development Kit - Line Sensor

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Robotic Development Kit - Line Sensor

Digilent's line of Robotic Development Kits provide the perfect starting point for those new to robotics, but have the power to be used for advanced designs and applications as well. Each kit pairs our powerful Cerebot™ 32MX4 microcontroller development board with a rugged steel platform and all the motors, wheels, sensors and development software needed to build a complete robot. The kits are each geared towards a different specialty, and each has downloadable assembly instructions and a demo project that make it easy to get your robot up and running quickly.

The Line Sensor kit provides the components needed to build a line following robot. It combines the RSK and Cerebot 32MX4 with a PmodLS1 infrared light detector module, four optical sensors, and sensor mounting bracket.

Key Features:

  • Complete kit with all the parts & software necessary to build and program a line-follower robot
  • Complete manual & reference design walk you through every step to get things up & running
  • Includes:
    • Our RSK robotic platform (w/ sensor mounting bracket)
    • A Cerebot™ 32MX4 microcontroller board
    • PmodLS1 infrared detector module
    • Four infrared sensors


Manufacturer: Digilent
Code: 230-032