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Obniżka! Pololu 356 - 8x2 Character LCD - Black Bezel (Parallel Interface) Zobacz większe

Pololu 356 - 8x2 Character LCD - Black Bezel (Parallel Interface)

8x2 Character LCD - Black Bezel (Parallel Interface)

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8x2 Character LCD - Black Bezel (Parallel Interface)

This compact 8 x 2 LCD is great for small microcontroller projects where you want more than just a blinking LED for feedback. This unit uses the standard HD44780 parallel interface and features a black bezel.


This little 8-character, 2-line parallel liquid crystal display is a generic equivalent of the Optrex DMC-50448N-AAE-AD LCD. It is incorporated into our Orangutan, Orangutan LV-168, and Orangutan SV-328 robot controllers and 3pi robot. It uses the common HD44780 interface, so sample interface code is widely available for a variety of microcontrollers. This is the smallest package we know of for this familiar interface.

You can find sample HD44780 LCD interface code written for a variety of AVR microcontrollers as part of the Pololu AVR library.


1Vssground (0 V)
2Vdd5 V logic supply voltage
3Vocontrast adjustment
4RSH/L register select signal
5R/WH/L read/write signal
6EH/L enable signal
7-14DB0 – DB7H/L data bus for 4- or 8-bit mode

Note: some of our pictures show pins soldered to the LCD PCB, but this item ships without pins (the pads are standard 0.1" spacing), connectors, or cables.

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