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Embedded Systems Architecture 2nd Edition

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Embedded Systems Architecture is a practical and technical guide to understanding the components that make up an embedded system’s architecture. This book is intended for beginning technical professionals in this industry, as well as for students. It gives a much-needed ‘big picture’ for recently graduated engineers grappling with real-world systems for the first time. It gives professionals a picture of the key elements that can go into an embedded design, providing a firm foundation on which to build their skills.
This second edition includes current technology and trends within the embedded systems arena. Data is updated in the tables and figures to include latest examples of real-world technologies and board examples. The hardware section includes more processor variety, including FGPAs. Advanced topics such as how hardware impacts performance and how to select between embedded technologies are also now included. The software section includes recent versions of embedded OSEs and their internal designs, and gives more practical examples of how to schedule under different schemes. The middleware section has been updated. The final section on design and development has a more real-world systems engineering know-how perspective, and includes coverage of the creation of architectures in embedded projects, design patterns, development, and testing.