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Cerebot Nano

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Cerebot Nano

The Digilent Cerebot Nano board is useful for embedded control and robotics projects for both students and hobbyists.

The Cerebot Nano's versatile design and programmable microcontroller allows you to control different external devices and program the board for multiple uses. The board has many I/O connectors, power supply options, and supports a number of programming tools including ATMEL AVR STUDIO 4, and WinAVR.

The Cerebot Nano can be powered either by connecting a 2 x AA battery holder or an externally regulated power supply to J3. Alternatively, a PmodREG1 and a 5V switching power supply can be connected to J1.

The Cerebot Nano has a number of connections for peripheral device. Digilent peripheral modules (Pmods) include H-bridges, analog to digital and digital to analog converters, a speaker, switches , buttons, LEDs, RS232 converters, screw terminal connectors, BNC connectors, servo motors and more. For more information see the Peripheral catalogue page at www.digilentinc.com.

NOTE: The Cerebot Nano ships with two straight male and one right angle female 12-pin connectors that are not attached to the board. This allows the greatest flexibility for the user when setting up board usage. The user is required to solder these connectors according to his or her needs.

Key Features:

  • 16KB Flash, 1KB SRAM, 512B EEPROM
  • ESD and short circuit protection for all I/O pins
  • Four small LEDs
  • Small size (1.5" x 0.8")


Code: 410-145P