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Zdalnie sterowany Battle Robot z ładowarką i pilotem 2,4 GHz (czarny)

Miniaturowy, zdalnie sterowany robot (Mini R/C Battle Robot) z pilotem RC 2,4GHz, ładowarką i sygnalizatorami świetlnymi. Kolor czarny.

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2ch Mini R/C Battle Robot with Charger (Black) (45227)

Fun for all the children and adults alike, these battle robots are a great gift idea or something for those boring days at the office. With its two handle, realistic movement sensing controller which doubles as a charger, you can control the robots to fight your opponent on any smooth surface using the buttons or by using a punch action for a more realistic fight experience. Also features fighting noises to make the whole thing that bit more exciting. It uses 2.4GHz technology so you can get as many robots in the ring as you like with no frequency clashes and the robot includes sensors and indicator lights to show when you have been punched and to indicate a KO. Charge time is around 30 minutes and this offers you about 10 minuets fight time. Just add four AAA batteries, charge your robot and get stuck in.

• Two handle, movement sensing fight controller
• Integrated charger
• 2ch radio control
• 10 minute fight time
• Solid 2.4GHz radio link
• Long 5m+ range
• Comprehensive instruction booklet

Charge Time: 30 Minutes
Fight Time: 10 Minutes
Range: 5m+
Dimensions (Robot): 89 x 70 x 75mm
Weight (Robot): 50g
Dimensions (Controller): 145 x 85 x 50mm
Weight (Controller Without Batteries): 120g
Color: Black

Requires 4 AAA batteries

PRODUCT ID: 475000005-0