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MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit

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MSP-EXP430G2 - MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit
LaunchPad is an easy-to-use development tool intended for beginners and experienced users alike for creating microcontroller-based applications.

**** Artykuł w języku polskim o zestawie LaunchPad i jego możliwościach. ****

The LaunchPad development tool is a part of the MSP430 Value Line series. The integrated DIP target socket allows all 14 and 20-pin MSP430 Value Line devices to be dropped into the LaunchPad board for easy programming, debugging and monitoring. Included are free unrestricted and downloadable software development environments for writing and debugging software. The LaunchPad can be used to create interactive solutions thanks to its integrated buttons, LEDs, and extra input/output pins for easy integration of external devices.

  • Easy-to-use – LaunchPad includes all of the hardware and software needed to get started. Pre-programmed devices and code examples help users get up and running quickly.
  • Affordable – At low price, the LaunchPad includes a development board, 2 programmable MSP430 microcontrollers, mini-USB cable, PCB connectors for expandability, external crystal for increased clock accuracy, and unrestricted software integrated development environments (IDEs) – everything you need to get started today.
  • Scalable – The LaunchPad is a simple introduction to the MSP430 microcontroller family. As application requirements change, programs developed on the LaunchPad can be migrated to higher end MSP430 devices.

MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad features

  • USB debugging and programming interface featuring a driverless installation and application UART serial communication with up to 9600 Baud
  • Supports all MSP430G2xx and MSP430F20xx devices in PDIP14 or PDIP20 packages
  • Two general-purpose digital I/O pins connected to green and red LEDs for visual feedback
  • Two push button for user feedback and device reset
  • Easily accessible device pins for debugging purposes or as socket for adding customized extension boards
  • High-quality 20-pin DIP socket for an easy plug-in or removal of the target device


    • LaunchPad emulator socket board (MSP-EXP430G2)
    • Mini USB-B cable, 0.5 m
    • Two MSP430 flash devices:
      MSP430G2553: Low-power 16-bit MSP430 microcontroller with an 8-channel 10-bit ADC and comparator, 16kB flash memory, and 512 bytes of RAM (preloaded with a sample program)
      MSP430G2452: Low-power 16-bit MSP430 microcontroller with a comparator, 8kB flash memory, and 256 bytes of SRAM
    • 10-pin PCB connectors (two male and two female)
    • 32.768-kHz clock crystal
    • Quick start guide
    • Two LaunchPad stickers