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STM32 Evaluation Kit, STM, RoHS


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STM32 Evaluation Kit

The STM32 Primer (STM3210B-PRIMER) is a fun, innovative evaluation and development tool package that provides a quick, easy introduction to the features of the STM32 and its powerful ARM Cortex™-M3 core. It plugs directly into a host PC's USB port for in-circuit debugging/programming, and comes with Raisonance's RIDE software toolset (Debug up to 32K of code) and the GNU C/C++ compiler (unlimited compiling).

The Primer's STM32 drives ergonomic, MEMS-based controls (navigate by tilting the tool left, right, backward or forward) for fun, easy control of demonstration firmware including graphical user interface and games. The task scheduler firmware and demos provide implementation of low-level functions driving a range of STM32 peripherals, plus features for dynamic loading and management of new applications. All demos (C sources and project) and more future demos are available at www.stm32circle.com.

Key Features:

  • STM32F103B in 64-pin LQFP package with 128 Kbytes flash program memory and 20 Kbytes SRAM and embedded communication peripherals for USB, CAN, USART, SPI, I2C and LIN
  • Evaluation features including USB connector, 128x128 color LCD, MEMS sensor, IrDA connector footprint, buzzer, LEDs and push button
  • Demo applications including GUI, MEMS controls, maze game and more to come at www.stm32circle.com
  • Software tool set including RIDE development environment (debug up to 32K of code) and GNU C/C++ compiler (unlimited compiling)
  • In-circuit debugging/programming via USB connection (embedded RLink) with host PC
  • 2.4V battery rechargeable via USB connection

STM3210B-PRIMER Content:

  • STM32 Primer
  • Raisonance software toolset
  • USB cable
  • Rechargeable battery


Other resources (user manual, schematics etc) available on stm32circle.com after registering


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