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Obniżka! FRDM-K64F - zestaw startowy z mikrokontrolerem Freescale Kinetis K64 Zobacz większe

FRDM-K64F - zestaw startowy z mikrokontrolerem Freescale Kinetis K64

Zestaw startowy firmy Freescale z mikrokontrolerem z rodziny Kinetis K64, sensorem MEMS 6DoF i interfejsem Ethernet, zintegrowany z programatorem-debuggerem OpenSDA. Wyprowadzenia zgodne z Arduino.

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Freescale Freedom Development Platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs, Freescale, RoHS

The FRDM-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs. The FRDM-K64F hardware is form-factor compatible with the Arduino™ R3 pin layout, providing a broad range of expansion board options. The FRDM-K64F is feature packed with a lot of peripherals to enable rapid prototyping, including a 6-axis digital accelerometer and magnetometer to create full eCompass capabilities, a tri-colored LED and 2 user push-buttons for direct interaction and feedback, expansion memory with a microSD card slot, and connectivity options using onboard Ethernet port and headers for use with Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz radio add-on modules. The FRDM-K64F platform features OpenSDAv2, the Freescale open source hardware embedded serial and debug adapter running an open source bootloader. This circuit offers several options for serial communication, flash programming, and run-control debugging.


  • MK64FN1M0VLL12 MCU (120 MHz, 1 MB flash memory, 256 KB RAM, low-power, crystal-less USB, and 100 Low profile Quad Flat Package (LQFP))
  • Dual role USB interface with micro-B USB connector
  • FXOS8700CQ accelerometer and magnetometer
  • Two user push buttons
  • Flexible power supply option – OpenSDAv2 USB, Kinetis K64 USB, and external source
  • Easy access to MCU input/output through Arduino™ R3 compatible I/O connectors
  • Programmable OpenSDAv2 debug circuit supporting the CMSIS-DAP Interface software that provides:
    • Mass storage device (MSD) flash programming interface
    • CMSIS-DAP debug interface over a driver-less USB HID connection providing run-control debugging and compatibility with IDE tools
    • Virtual serial port interface
    • Open source CMSIS-DAP software project
  • Ethernet
  • SDHC
  • Add-on RF module: nRF24L01+ Nordic 2.4GHz Radio
  • Add-on Bluetooth module: JY-MCU BT board V1.05 BT


  • FRDM-K64F Board
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Additional hardware required: USB A-to-MicroB cable (not included)



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