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Obniżka! TerasIC HDMI v1.4 (P0087) Zobacz większe

TerasIC HDMI v1.4 (P0087)

HDMI-HSTC 1.4 Card

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THDB-HDMI is a HDMI transmitter/receiver daughter board with HSTC (High Speed Terasic Connector) interface. Host boards, supporting HSTC-compliant connectors, can control the HDMI daughter board through the HSTC interface. Both transmitter and receiver can support FULL-HD.

This THDB-HDMI kit contains complete reference designs with source code written in Verilog and C, for HDMI signal transmitting and receiving. Based on reference designs, users can easily and quickly develop their applications.


HDMI daughter board is a HDMI transmitter/receiver board with HSTC (High Speed Terasic Connector) interface. The board contains the following rich features:

  • One HSTC interface for connection purpose
  • One HDMI transmitter with single transmitting port
  • One HDMI receiver with duel receiving ports
  • Two 2K EEPROM for storing EDID of two receiver ports separately
  • Powered from 3.3V pins of HSTC connector

The transmitter is compliant with HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.4a 3D, HDCP 1.4 and DVI 1.0 specifications. It supports the following input video formats:

The receiver is compliant with HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.4a 3D, HDCP 1.4 and DVI 1.0 specifications. It supports the following output video formats:

Block Diagram of Board Functionality

Associated Block Diagram of Transmitter

Associated Block Diagram of Receiver


HDMI board connection to the Altera DE3 -Stratix III Development Board

Reference Designs

Transmission-Only Demo
(Full source code included)

The Transmission demonstration is able to generate HDMI Video/Audio signal for transmission, including various video formats and color space. There are 11 video formats available with 3 color space selections which include RGB444, YUV422, and YUV444.

The video formats supported are listed below:

- 720x480p60
- 1024x76pP60
- 1280x720p50
- 1280x720p60
- 1280x1024
- 1920x1080i60
- 1920x1080i50
- 1920x1080p60
- 1920x1080p50
- 1600x1200p5
- 1920x1080i120

Transmission-Only Demo Hardware Setup

Adobe Systems

Loopback Demo
(Full source code included)

The Loopback demonstration establishes connection between the HDMI source device to the transmitter output of the HDMI daughter board. The Loopback (Internal bypass) generates the HDMI video and/or audio signals, as the audio and video output pins of the receiver are directly connected to the input audio and video pins of the transmitter.

Loopback Demo Hardware Setup

Adobe Systems

System Block diagram of the HDMI demonstration




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Kit Contents

The package of HDMI board includes

  • One HDMI Board
  • One System CD

The CD contains technical documents of the HDMI receiver and transmitter, and one reference design for HDMI transmission and loopback with source code.