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MY-GPS008C GPS Module


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The MY-GPS008C is a GPS (Global Position System) Module released by MYIR specially for working on MYIR's ARM development boards. It is based on the u-blox MAX-7 series positioning module which has the exceptional performance of the u-blox 7 multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS) engine and delivers high sensitivity and minimal acquisition times in the ultra compact MAX form factor. It is connected with other terminals through serial port.




Dimensions 38.00mm (L) * 24.00mm (W)
Interface Serial port
Voltage Power voltage: 1.65v ~ 3.6v
Digital I/O voltage: 1.65v ~ 3.6v
Backup power: 1.4v ~ 3.6v
Startup time Hot start: about 1s
Warm start: about 30s
Cold start: about 28s
Additional start: about 5s
Oscillator crystal
Navigation Refresh Rate up to 10Hz
Memory on-board ROM
Anti-interference performance Initiative CW detection and removal
Working Temp. -40 ~ +85°C
OS support Linux

Board Products Supporting List

The MY-GPS008C GPS Module can support working with following MYIR's board products:

No. Processor Products
1 Atmel SAM9G15 MYD-SAM9G15 / MYD-SAM9G15-V2
2 Atmel SAM9G25 MYD-SAM9G25 / MYD-SAM9G25-V2
3 Atmel SAM9G35 MYD-SAM9G35 / MYD-SAM9G35-V2
4 Atmel SAM9X25 MYD-SAM9X25 / MYD-SAM9X25-V2
5 Atmel SAM9X35 MYD-SAM9X35 / MYD-SAM9X35-V2
5 Atmel SAMA5D31 MYD-SAMA5D31
6 Atmel SAMA5D33 MYD-SAMA5D33
7 Atmel SAMA5D34 MYD-SAMA5D34
8 Atmel SAMA5D35 MYD-SAMA5D35
9 Atmel SAMA5D36 MYD-SAMA5D36
10 TI AM335x MYD-AM335X