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White Polol wheels 80x10mm for 3mm and 4mm shafts

A set of two Polol wheels with a dimension of 80x10mm in white color with interchangeable sleeves for 3mm and 4mm shafts. Polol 3691

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ID: 571994

6,60€ gross (23% VAT)
5,36€ net

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A set of two Polol wheels with a diameter of 80 mm with silicone tires and tread that increases traction. The set includes 4 interchangeable sleeves, thanks to which the wheels can be used with motors with round and D-shaped shafts, both 3 mm and 4 mm. The wheels are compatible with micro Pololu engines, Polol plastic mini motors, as well as with motors with metal gears type 20D and 25D.

The set does not contain any DC motor. It should be purchased separately.


  • Two sets of wheels
  • White color
  • Compatible with 3 mm and 4 mm axes (round and shaped D)
  • Wheel dimensions: 80 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 23 g


  • Silicone tire
  • White wheel of ABS wheel
  • Four white inserts with ABS sleeve:
    • Sleeve for shaft D with a diameter of 3 mm
    • Sleeve for 3mm round rollers
    • Sleeve for shaft D with a diameter of 4 mm
    • Sleeve for round shafts with a diameter of 4 mm
  • Metal clamp plate with thread
  • Three M3 screws with a length of 7 mm