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Logic analyzers 

Logic analyzers
Logic analyzers

The Logical Analyzer is a tool that allows you to register and display waveforms recorded on communication lines of digital systems. More advanced logic analyzers have the ability to decode popular communication protocols, such as SPI, I2C, UART etc., so that the user, in addition to the waveforms, also sees data that is sent


  • Analog Discovery logic analyzers

    Analog Discovery is a computer adapter with a USB interface, one of the many Discovery functions is a 16-channel logic analyzer and a 2-channel oscilloscope

  • IkaLogic logic analyzers

    IkaLogic manufactures several series of logic analyzers, including the popular ScanaQuad series (4-channel analyzers). For more demanding users, a 9-channel ScanaPLUS model has been prepared

  • Logic analyser Saleae

    Saleae produces more than a dozen models of logic analyzers connected to a computer via a USB interface, from simple, 4-channel models to professional - 16-channel. On our website, there is a comparison of the features of Saleae analyzers

  • Other logic analyzers

    The logic analyzer is an indispensable tool in the workshop of modern electronics. They enable registration and display of waveforms registered in digital systems

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