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The cable that outputs the ATMEL ICE v2 programmer signals View larger

The cable that outputs the ATMEL ICE v2 programmer signals

The cable allows connecting the ATMEL-ICE programmer to the commissioning set with any connector (operated by the programmer), through individual pin connectors (goldpin)

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With this cable you can connect the ATMEL-ICE programmer to the development boards - it is easy to program a board with a 6-pin, 10-pin, JTAG or SAM connector

The ATMEL-ICE programmer has signals in a 50 millisecond (1.27 mm) pitch socket - it is very difficult to connect any wire from outside the programmer set. The offered cable solves this problem, giving the possibility of connecting any of the wires to any place on the development board.


  • Cable with 2x5 pin connector 50 miles -> 10 single female plugs (100-miles)
  • Cord in the form of elastic ribbon
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Fits the AVR and SAM connectors of the ATMEL-ICE programmer


In version v2 the cable No. 1 is marked with a red stripe!

An example of using the cable for connecting ATMEL-ICE with the ZL15AVR board

An example of using an ATMEL-ICE cable with a KAmduino UNO PCB


  • The cable for the ATMEL-ICE v2 programmer

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