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Reduced price! NUCLEO-H723ZG - starter kit with a microcontroller from the STM32 family (STM32H723ZG) View larger

NUCLEO-H723ZG - starter kit with a microcontroller from the STM32 family (STM32H723ZG)

Starter kit from the NUCLEO series equipped with the STM32H723ZG microcontroller (1 MB Flash, Cortex-M7), with a built-in programmer-debugger ST-Link/V3, equipped with connectors compatible with Arduino. STMicroelectronics NUCLEO-H723ZG

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The NUCLEO-H723ZG (STM32 Nucleo-144) set is equipped with the STM32H723ZG microcontroller in the LQFP144 housing. Built-in programmer/debugger allows for quick and easy programming and testing of the system. It can work as a standalone programmer, when disconnected by jumpers. Flexible power supply allows for convenient use of the development board in the tested application.

Two types of connectors: ST Zio (containing the Arduino Uno V3 connector) and ST morpho (all GPIO pins of the microcontroller) provide access to each of the microcontroller components and do not exclude the possibility of using Arduino compatible shields for cooperation with STM32 Nucleo-144.


  • STM32H723ZG microcontroller in LQFP144 housing
  • 3 x general purpose LED
  • 2 x General purpose button + RESET button
  • LSE quartz generator: 32.768 kHz
  • Expansion connectors:
    • ST Zio (containing Arduino Uno V3 connector)
    • ST Morpho
  • Possibility to power via USB or from an external power supply (3.3V, 5V, 7-12V)
  • Integrated ST-Link/V3 (SWD) programmer / debugger with the possibility of using it to work with external systems
  • External or internal SMPS to generate Vcore power
  • Ethernet compliant with IEEE-802.3-2002
  • USB OTG or device
  • Board connectors:
    • USB with Micro-AB
    • Ethernet RJ45
  • The USB interface can work in one of the three modes:
    • Virtual COM port (Virtual COM)
    • Mass storage
    • Debug port
  • Full compatibility with comprehensive HAL libraries containing many examples of the use of microcontroller peripherals and STMicroelectronics circuits
  • A wide range of development software such as IAR, Keil, GCC-based IDEs is supported