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Mikrokontrolery STM32 w sieci Ethernet w przykładach (e-book)

Marcin Peczarski

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Author: Marcin Peczarski

ISBN: 978-83-60233-68-9
Format: PDF, B5, 288 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper edition 2011

About the book

The book is a guide-guide devoted to practical aspects of implementing network protocols for STM32 microcontrollers from the Connectivity Line family. The author also presents sample applications created on the basis of the free TCP / IP network protocol called lwIP (light-weight Internet Protocol).
The examples presented in the book are written in C (ARM-GCC) in such a way that they can be easily transferred to other types of microcontrollers, which increases the universality of the presented content.
The book is intended for people who have experience in programming microcontrollers in the C language and elementary knowledge about electronic components: electronics - constructors, IT specialists, students of technical faculties, as well as students and hobbyists actively engaging in electronics or IT. It is not necessary to have knowledge about computer networks or network protocols - all the necessary issues are explained by the author in the book from scratch.

Review posted in the NetWorld magazine No. 4/2011.

Microcontrollers are complete microprocessor systems containing a central unit, memory, clock generator and input / output circuits. They are used in household appliances and telecommunications equipment, in measuring systems, etc. In the book, the author presents ways to use microcontrollers to interact with the Ethernet network, adopting the principle that it is best to approximate knowledge on real examples. They illustrate how to adapt the STM32F107 microcontroller to work in a network. The author first presents simple applications that control diodes and LCD display, then applications that implement the TCP / IP protocol stack, server-client model software for TCP and UDP, and end with an application that provides client communication with the web server. Only the key parts of the source code are discussed and commented in detail in the book, the whole of the codes can be obtained from the archive of the author's publishing house or home page. Piotr Kociatkiewicz