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BleBox ParkingSensor

ParkingSensor is an unique RGB LED controller, which helps parking by usi’ng colorful lights

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ID: 563874

35,17€ gross (23% VAT)
28,60€ net

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The installation is so simple that it can be mounted in a matter of few minutes. You don’t have to worry about complicated settings. After install you can start using it. This sensor provides safe parking, in a very aesthetic and simple way. It can be applied in different spaces, e. g. in public toilets to indicate when is busy or free, also for lighting in corridors or trails when someone walks through them.


electrical parameters

  • supply voltage: 7 – 24V DC
  • number of PWM channels: 3 (RGB)
  • maximum current: 8A
  • energy consumption: < 0,1W
  • output type: open collector, 250mA
  • additional output: output on the presence detector

physical characteristics of the device

  • sensor: ultrasonic, distance sensor
  • degree of protection: IP20
  • dimensions: 50 x 40 x 25 mm with connector: 50 x 50 x 25 mm
  • operating temperature range: from -10 to +40°C
  • housing: made of polyurethane composition not containing halogens, Self-extinguishing for Thermal class B (130°C)
  • calibration of notified distance: yes