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Adafruit NeoPixel shield (Arduino) - matrix of 40 diodes (8x5) RGB type WS2812

LED matrix display, consisting of 40 light-emitting diodes type WS2812 (5 lines, 8 kolumm), allows you to create interesting lighting effects using one control line. Adafruit 1430

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LED matrix display, consisting of 40 addressable LEDs type WS2812. The matrix has a 5x8 organization, and only one signal line (D6) is required for control. The panel can be powered from an external 5V power supply.


  • RGB WS2812 diodes in SMD5050 PLCC-4 housing
  • 40 diodes (organization 5x8)
  • Each diode can display more than 16.7 million colors
  • Addressable LEDs connected in series
  • The derived Dout line allows you to connect further LEDs type WS2812
  • Spacing of connectors compatible with Arduino UNO R3
  • Possibility of powering from an external power source (through screw connection)
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Protection against reverse polarity of external power supply
  • Requires only one control line to support 40 LEDs
  • Diode control line: D6
  • Built-in reset button (RESET)
  • Mounting holes with a diameter of 3mm
  • Module dimensions (without connectors): 96mm x 53.3mm x 3.2mm

A video presenting the operation of the Adafruit NeoPixel 40 LED shield

A film presenting the family of NeoPixel products


  • Shield Adafruit NeoPixel with 40 WS2812 diodes
  • Goldpin strip 1x40 for self-assembly
  • Screw connection (external power supply) for self-assembly
  • A set of loop-through connections for self-assembly