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Pololu 2681 - Pololu Mini Plastic Gearmotor Bracket Pair - Tall

These tall brackets offer an easy and  convenient mounting solution for mini plastic gearmotors.

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3,11€ net

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These plastic mounting brackets are specifically designed to work with our mini plastic gearmotors (with or without encoders). Both the offset and 90-degreeconfigurations of the mini plastic gearmotors are compatible with these brackets. The brackets are sold in pairs, and four M3×12mm screws and M3 nuts are included (two for each bracket). In some orientations, the mini plastic gearmotors have a lip that causes the bracket to be raised off of the mounting surface; for those cases, two 1.25mm-thick spacer plates (one for each bracket) are also included. You can see the spacer being used in the two pictures below.

Note: When using this tall version of the bracket with one of the 90° Output mini plastic gearmotors (i.e. the setup in the left picture above), only our 60mm-diameter wheels (or smaller) will fit in the space between the output shaft and the mounting tab. The mounting tab will rub or interfere with larger-diameter wheels.



Weight:1.4 g1

General specifications:



1 For a single bracket only (no screws, nuts, or spacers). With a single spacer, it weighs an additional 0.4 g.