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Pololu 2671 - Pololu Extended Stamped Aluminum L-Bracket Pair for Plastic Gearmotors

These extended aluminum gearmotor brackets let you securely mount our larger Pololu plastic gearmotors (228:1 offset, 120:1 offset, 200:1 90-degree, and 120:1 90-degree) to your project. The extended “neck” on these brackets allows for a large variety of mounting options. These brackets are sold in pairs, and each bracket comes with two 1″ long #2-56 screws for securing motors to the bracket.

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These light-weight brackets (approximately 2.5 g each) are specifically designed for our larger Pololu plastic gearmotors (228:1 offset, 120:1 offset, 200:1 90-degree, and 120:1 90-degree). Each bracket features four mounting holes and one mounting slot intended for #4-size screws (not included), giving you a variety of mounting options. We also carry a more compact version of this bracket that mounts the motor 0.25″ (6.4 mm) closer to the mounting hole surface, though this reduces the number of possible mounting orientations.

A total of four 1″ long #2-56 screws and #2-56 hex nuts are included for securing our 228:1 offset, 120:1 offset, 200:1 90-degree, and 120:1 90-degree plastic gearmotors to the brackets. Only two screws are used to mount a motor to each bracket.

To save space, the bracket can be oriented so that the mounting screws are located between the motor and the surface, and the extra space between the bracket and motor allows for another mounting option in which the surface being mounted to is located between the motor and bracket.

These brackets also work with the Solarbotics plastic gearmotors (GM2, GM3, GM8, and GM9), although different length mounting screws might be required.


Weight:2.5 g1


1 For a single bracket only (no screws or nuts).