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UGears Fighter Aircraft - 2.5D Puzzle
  • -zł30.00

Ugears proudly introduces the Fighter Aircraft from our Classic Vehicles collection—the first series in a new line of Ugears 2.5D puzzles! This cool DIY 2.5D wooden aircraft model has movable elements and comes in its own frame, suitable for hanging on a wall or placing on a desk or shelf. The Fighter Aircraft depicts a classic 1940\'s era Spitfire, the famous WWII fighter used by the RAF and other allies. The picture model presents 3 perspectives (front, top and side views) and has several moving parts, including aileron, propeller, wheel and canopy, to bring your puzzle to life! UGears 70196

Regular pricezł119.00zł89.00
Available quantity: 6
UGears The Ocean Beauty Yacht - model kit
  • -zł12.00

Catch the wind, feel the salt breeze, take to the seas or go island hopping in the stunning Ocean Beauty Yacht by Ugears. This DIY wooden model sailing vessel is a beautiful static model, with two gleaming white paper sails, and comes with its own sturdy stand for display on your shelf, mantle or desk. The model is somewhat different from other Ugears mechanical models in that the Yacht doesn\'t have gears and isn\'t propelled by a spring or rubber band motor—it\'s rather meant as a handsome display piece for your home or office decor. UGears 70193

Regular pricezł65.01zł53.00
Available quantity: 5
UGears U-Fidgets-Vehicles - Set of 4 models
  • -zł7.01

The unique set of 4 individual miniature models for self-assembly for grown-ups and kids from 5 years to 80 and beyond. The set includes Sports Car, Tractor, Truck, TramCar with basic elements of mechanics. UGears 70033

Regular pricezł55.01zł47.99
Available quantity: 2

This pretty little box brings a dash of mechanical magic to your home or office. Push the side lever and the box raises, tilts and opens its lid to reveal the contents. UGears 70001

Available quantity: 1