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Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter and Logic Probes Bundle

24-channel portable logic analyzer with 16-channel digital waveform generator and Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter bundle. Digilent 240-127

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Digilent Digital Discovery is a combination of logic analyzer and waveform generator for testing digital systems. Constructors, hobbyists and engineers can use Digital Discovery to research, visualize and simulate digital signals in digital systems. Digital inputs and outputs can be connected to the tested system with Flywires cables in the set or popular cables for connecting prototype boards .

Kit contains Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter and High Speed Logic Probes

Digital Discovery connects to a Mac, Linux or Windows using a high-speed USB interface. The work of the device is controlled by the free WaveForms 2015 software, allowing you to configure Digital Discovery to work as:

  • 24-channel logic analyzer (1.2-3.3 V CMOS, sampling up to 800 MS / s using the Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter)
  • 16-channel digital waveform generator (1.2-3.3 V CMOS, 100 MS / s)
  • 16 virtual digital inputs / outputs (to simulate buttons, switches, LEDs) - a convenient tool for learning and testing digital applications
  • 2 inputs / outputs of trigger signals for connection of other laboratory instruments (1.2-3.3V CMOS)
  • Configurable power supply for external devices 1.2-3.3 V / 100 mA. The same voltage supplies buffers of the analyzer's input lines and the generator's I / O lines for compliance with the tested device.
  • Digital interphone analyzer (SPI, I²C, UART, I2S, CAN, parallel)

Digital Discovery (410-338)


  • Digilent Digital Discovery
  • Flywire cable 2x6
  • Flywire cable 2x16
  • USB A / micro-B cable
  • Digital Discovery High Speed Adapter
  • High Speed Logic Probes x16

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