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20 prostych projektów dla elektroników (e-book)

Krzysztof Górski

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Author: Krzysztof Górski
ISBN: 978-83-60233-29-0
Format: PDF, B5, 141 pp.
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper edition of 2008

About the book

A good engineer must have a lot of practical experience, which is impossible to obtain without many independent experiments. Practical knowledge will also be useful to hobbyists who will be able to move around the world of modern electronics much more confidently.
A good way to acquire basic experience is to independently make and run at least a few simple devices. The author offers Readers - after a brief introduction to the basics of electronics presented in the introductory chapters of the book - independent performance of 20 practical and simple projects whose functionality allows them to be used in their own electronic workshop or various and at the same time effective home applications. Their subject is so wide that every beginner electronics will find something for them.

The designs of printed circuit boards included in the book for all described projects and their assembly diagrams allow quick and convenient execution of the described devices also at home.

  • Laboratory function generator
  • Electronic telephone bell
  • A simple 12 VDC / 230 VAC inverter
  • Laboratory power supply with adjustable output voltage
  • Talking phone ringtone
  • 4.5-digit millivolt
  • Digital audio potentiometer
  • Digital voltmeter ICL7106
  • Single-channel audio amplifier
  • Four-channel infrared remote control
  • Miniature FM radio receiver
  • Switching power supply with SimpleSwitcher
  • Generator of reference frequencies
  • 25 W audio amplifier
  • The power supply is stabilized on uA723
  • LED power indicator for the loudspeaker
  • Universal power supply with adjustable output voltage
  • Simple video monitoring
  • Battery charger U2400B
  • Stereo drive indicator with peak value memory