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Przetworniki A/C i C/A. Teoria i praktyka (e-book)

Walt Kester

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Author: Walt Kester
Original title: Analog-Digital Conversion
dr inż. Michał Nadachowski
MSc. Mieczysław Kręciejewski

ISBN 978-83-60233-88-7
Format: PDF, B5, 1016 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper edition of 2012

About the book

The book is a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of analog-digital and digital-analogue processing, with particular emphasis on the features and parameters of components used in the A / C and C / A conversion paths. The author presents in it all practical issues related to the construction and application of modern transducers, reference voltage sources, clock signal generators, subassemblies used in analogue signal paths, as well as other elements used in data conversion systems.
The book is intended for constructors of electronic devices, students of technical universities, as well as students of technical schools and electronics-hobbyists, who are interested in learning and understanding the rules applicable in the world of A / C and C / A conversion.