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A-Star 32U4 Prime SV - board with ATmega32U4 microcontroller, Arduino compatible connectors

A-Star 32U4 Prime SV - a programmable Arduino board, based on the Atmel ATmega32U4 microcontroller from the AVR family. Version with soldered connectors, without micro-SD card slot, without display. Polol 3113

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ID: 558081

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19,61€ net

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Data sheet

Flash memory32kB
EEPROM memory1kB
Number of digital pins26
Number of PWM channels7
Ilość wejść analogowych12
ADC1x 10bit
WiFi/BT moduleNo
Bluetooth moduleNo
GSM/GPRS moduleNie
Logic voltage5 V
MicroSD slotNo
Supply voltage min5 V
Supply voltages max36 V

More info

Pololu 3113 - A-Star 32u4 board version without microSD card support and without display; it has soldered connectors.


Pololu A-Star 32U4 Prime is a board with Atmel ATmega32U4 microcontroller from the AVR family compatible with the size and arrangement of connectors with the popular Arduino Uno R3 and Leonardo , which allows attaching a wide range of Arduino shields. The user has access to all 26 GPIO microcontroller lines, 7 of them can be used as PWM, 12 can be used as analog inputs. ATmega32U4 is equipped with a full-speed USB interface, which is a big advantage over similar boards with USB <-> Serial converters. In addition to the standard CDC mode, the board can act as a USB HID device (as a mouse or keyboard). The USB connector is a micro-USB type.

View of the bottom side of the A-Star 32U4 Prime SV

View of the bottom side of the A-Star 32U4 Prime SV

The tile is available in two versions:

  • SV - with green PCB, can be supplied with voltage from 5..36 volts
  • LV - with blue PCB, can be supplied with voltage in the range V.

This product requires an additional micro USB cable (not included!) To connect the device to the computer.


  • ATmega32U4 microcontroller (32 kB Flash, 2.5 kB SRAM, 1 kB EEPROM, USB interface)
  • Factory uploaded bootloader
  • 26 microcontroller I / O lines led out to connectors, 7 PWM lines, 12 analog inputs
  • Micro SD socket (in some versions)
  • Display with HD44780 controller (in some versions)
  • 3 user LEDs
  • 3 user buttons
  • RESET button
  • Power supply:
    • USB or external power supply
      • supply voltage for the LV version: 2.7..11.8 V
      • supply voltage for SV version: 5..36 V
    • Powerful 5 V stabilizer
    • Linear stabilizer 3,3 V / 300 mA
    • Power switch
    • Power protection with reverse polarity
  • 6-pin ISP connector for programming

Compatibility with Arduino

A-Star 32U4 Prime is pre-programmed with an Arduino-compatible bootloader, bootloader takes 4 KB of Flash memory, 28kB is used for user's applications. The manufacturer provides a plugin for integration with IDE Arduino and a library that allows you to take full advantage of the A-Star capabilities. The A-Star 32U4 is equipped with the same microcontroller that Arduino Leonardo has , so most applications for Leonardo can run on A-Star 32U4.

Arduino Uno R3

Arduino Leonardo

A-Star 32U4 Prime LV

A-Star 32U4 Prime SV
Clock:16 MHz16 MHz16 MHz
Available I / O lines:202326
PWM outputs:677
Analog inputs:61212
GND points:4443
User LEDs:333
User buttons:--3
RESET button:YesYesYes
Power switch:Yes
The loudspeaker can be installed:Yes
Micro-SD socket:Yes
LCD mounting option:Yes
Arduino bootloader:YesYesYes
USB connector:BMicro-BMicro-B
Choosing a power source:partlypartlyTPS2113A
Reverse polarity protection:YES
Power supply voltage7..12. V7..12. V2.7.1,11,8 V5..36 V
Stabilizer type (5 V):linearlineara step-up / step-downstep-down
5 V current on power supply3 volts--0.75 A-
5th--1.5 A0.2 A
7th vol1.0 A1.0 A1.5 A1.0 A
9th Vol0.5 A0.5 A1.5 A1.0 A
11th vol0.35 A0.35 A1.5 A1.0 A
24 V---1.0 A
USB0.5 A (1)0.5 A (1)1.5 A (1)1.5 A (1)
Weight:28 g20 g13..33 g

1 Using a suitably efficient power supply

Comparison of A-Star 32U4 Prime LV microSD and Arduino Leonardo tiles

Comparison of A-Star 32U4 Prime LV microSD and Arduino Leonardo tiles


Size:2.8 "× 2.1" (typical for Arduino)
Weight:19 g


microcontroller:ATmega32U4 @ 16 MHz
RAM:2560 bytes
Flash memory:32 Kbytes 1
User's I / O lines:26
Power supply:5..36 V (SV)


  1. 4 kB of memory takes the bootloader.


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