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JavaScript robots from scratch. NodeBots designs for the Johnny-Five platform View larger

JavaScript robots from scratch. NodeBots designs for the Johnny-Five platform

Rick Waldron, Anna Gerber, David Resseguie, Emily Rose, Susan Hinton, Sara Gorecki, Bryan Hughes, Andrew Fisher, Julian David Duque, Pawel Szymczykowski, Donovan Buck, Jonathan Beri, Kassandra Perch, Raquel Vélez, Lyza Danger Gardner

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Original title: Make: JavaScript Robotics: Building NodeBots with Johnny-Five, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and BeagleBone
Translation: Andrzej Watrak
ISBN: 978-83-283-2054-3, 9788328320543
Format: 170x230 mm


Widely JavaScript is considered to be a great tool for programming web applications. However, this is not all: this language is also well suited to robot programming. It allows you to design the behavior of the robot, determine how it will go to the target, react to signals from the environment, wait for instructions or avoid obstacles. A very convenient tool for programming robots is the Johnny-Five platform . It allows programming of robots built of Arduino , Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone tiles .

With this book, you can learn to build and program robots with all sorts of functionalities and applications. To her, Rick Waldron invited fourteen JS masters - engineers, teachers, promoters and leaders. You will learn from them how to build individual elements of the robot, what parts to use and how to write the code needed. They will tell you how to prepare a workshop and get the necessary materials. You will find here a lot of tips to help you plan, build and test existing projects. The individual tasks have been selected so that after they are done, you can take on more difficult projects with a higher degree of complexity.

Build and program:

  • Stepping, writing, floating and even dancing robots
  • Home sundial
  • Voice controlled robot
  • A robot to control lighting
  • Monitoring system
  • Robot with artificial intelligence
  • Robot delta
  • Interactive shoes