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Algorytmy teorii liczb i kryptografii w przykładach (e-book)

Andrzej Chrzęszczyk

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Author: Andrzej Chrzęszczyk
ISBN: 978-83-60233-67-2
Format: PDF, B5, 328 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper edition 2010

About the book

The book is intended for readers beginning to learn about cryptography, who want to learn about the elementary facts related to the theory of integers. The book presents - based on the examples described exactly - the most popular cryptographic algorithms and number theory. In order to make it easier for the readers to analyze and verify them independently, the author has decided not to use expensive commercial tools (such as Mathematica or Maple) to implement calculations, instead he used free GP / Pari and Sage packages. Thanks to this, a large number of example calculations of number theory and cryptography contained in the text of the book are available to a wide range of interested people.

Readers interested in using the C / C ++ language would like to inform you that on the website:
you can find a comprehensive guide to the Intel cryptographic library, co-authored by dr hab. Andrzej Chrzęszczyk. Let's add that Intel offers free Linux versions of its software for non-commercial purposes: