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Algorytmizacja i programowanie w MATLABIE (e-book)

Kazimierz Banasiak

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Author: Kazimierz Banasiak

ISBN: 978-83-64702-11-2
Format: PDF, B5, 256 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper edition 2017

About the book

The book is a textbook on the Matlab computing environment. Matlab environment allows, among others for quick execution of complicated calculations, charts and programming in Matlab language. The book discusses the basics of algorithmization, there are many examples showing the operation of various functions from the built-in library and examples of graphical presentation of results in Matlab are presented.
The manual is intended mainly for students of the first years of technical studies, but it can also be used by students of economic faculties and high school students with mathematical and IT profiles.

About the Author

The author is a PhD engineer, he graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology. He is a long-time research and teaching worker at the Faculty of Electronics. He conducted didactic classes at doctoral studies, postgraduate studies, first and second degree studies and specialist courses in subjects related to the construction, operation and programming of computers, the use of computers in specialized devices and systems, algorithms and data structures, numerical methods, databases, measurements and data processing, electronic reconnaissance theory and combat, construction and operation of radar signal recognition devices and systems as well as tactics and logistics. His scientific activity concerned the theory and technique of electronic warfare, in particular algorithmization and data processing in ELINT / ESM radio-electronic reconnaissance systems. Systems that he co-designed were and are manufactured for the Polish Army. They were also exported. Studies and implementations as well as functional values of these systems were awarded with university and ministerial awards as well as at the defense industry trade fair.