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Programowanie mikrokontrolerów 8051 w języku C, pierwsze kroki (e-book)

Jacek Majewski

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Author: Jacek Majewski

ISBN: 83-60233-01-2
Format: PDF, B5, 304 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw - paper edition 2005.

About the book

Microcontrollers from the MCS51 family, despite the passage of years, are still very popular. New varieties of processors with increasingly extensive peripheral modules and the need to create applications in a short time cause that high-level languages are increasingly used to write software for microcontrollers. In this area, the unchallenged leader is C language. All the examples in the book were written using the Keil C compiler, which over the past dozen or so years has become a solid (and very important: stable) standard. Most of the projects presented in the book can be compiled and simulated in the demonstration version of the Keil C compiler (limiting the size of the resulting code to 2 kB).

After the part explaining the use of various peripheral modules of the microcontroller, several practical applications are presented (eg a library of functions for operating the LCD display, a numerical calculator, and playing the melody). Complete listings and schemes are provided for all examples. One of the biggest advantages of C is the relatively easy portability of programs to various hardware platforms, so the examples in the book can be a starting point for similar applications using other microcontrollers.

The book is intended for all lovers of microprocessor technology who intend to use the C language. A lot of information contained in the book can be useful to students of electronics, automation and IT faculties of technical universities, as well as microprocessor engineers' constructors.