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NeoPixel Ring 32 x WS2812 - RGB light ring with WS2812 diodes

Light ring with 32 RGB LEDs, type WS2812, controlled by a serial signal. The module can be powered by 5V, only one signal line is required to control it.

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The ring is constructed based on RGB diodes with a built-in driver (WS2812). The LEDs used are in the 5050 (PLLC-4) housing, thanks to which the width of the laminate does not exceed 6 mm. There are 32 LEDs on the circle. The module is ideally suited as an indicator of the direction to an electronic compass.


  • 32 RGB LEDs (WS2812)
  • Supply voltage: 5 V
  • Power consumption: max. 60 mA per diode
  • Each of the basic colors of the diode (R, G, B) can take up to 256 levels of brightness
  • Possibility of obtaining color in one of over 16.7 million shades of color
  • Laminate color: black
  • It has soldering pads that allow soldering wires