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UT191E - Universal multimeter by Uni-T

The universal multimeter allows you to measure direct and alternating voltage up to 600 V, direct and alternating current up to 20 A, resistance and capacity as well as frequency or peak values. Equipped with diode tester, continuity test, Hold function, automatic switch off and automatic backlight. Uni-T UT191E

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Data sheet

Zakres pomiarowy napięcia DC400 mV/4 V/40 V/400 V/600 V
Zakres pomiarowy napięcia AC4 V/40 V/400 V/600 V
Zakres pomiarowy natężenia DC2mA/20mA/200mA/20A
Zakres pomiarowy natężenia AC2mA/20mA/200mA/20A
Zakres pomiarowy rezystancji60 MΩ
Zakres pomiarowy pojemności6nF/60nF-600uF/6mF-60mF
Zakres pomiarowy częstotliwości10Hz - 1MHz
Pomiar temperaturyNie
Regulacja zakresu pomiarowegoAutomatyczna
True RMSTak
Funkcja HoldTak
Tester ciągłości obwoduAkustyczyny
Tester diodTak
Pomiar hFE tranzystorówNie
Wskaźnik rozładowanej bateriiTak
Automatyczny wyłącznikTak
Podświetlenie wyświetlaczaTak
Battery type6F22
Length180 cm
Width87 mm
Thickness59 mm
Weight428 g

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The Universal Uni-T UT192E multimeter allows you to measure DC voltage up to 600 V, AC voltage up to 600 V, DC and AC up to 20 A, resistance and capacity as well as frequency and peak values. The multimeter is equipped with a diode tester, acoustic signal continuity test, Hold function which stops the result of the last measurement, automatic switch off and automatic display backlight.

  1. Backlight sensing window
  2. LCD screen
  3. Functional buttons
  4. Multifunctional dial
  5. Input jacks
  6. Hook
  7. Flashlight
  8. Test leads holding stand
  9. Battery cover screws
  10. Case holder

UT191 Series professional multimeters designed for industrial users. This CE/GS/cTUVus certified multimeter series complies with CAT III 600V and is IP65 rated, suitable for use in damp and dusty environments. UT191's new function memory' retains the latest mode setting the next time it is turned on, improving efficiency for users.


  • Specification
    • DC voltage (V) 600V ±(0.5%+3)
    • AC voltage (V) 600V ±(0.7%+3)
    • LoZ ACV (V) 600V ±(2%+5)
    • ACV LPF 600V ±(2%+5)
    • DC current (A) 20A ±(0.8%+3)
    • AC current (A) 20A ±(1%+3)
    • Resistance (Ω) 60MΩ ±(0.8%+2)
    • Capacitance (F) 60mF ±(3%+5)
    • Frequency (Hz) 10Hz~1MHz ±(0.1%+4)
    • Duty cycle 0.1%~99.9% ±(2%+5)
    • ACV peak hold   ±(2%+100)
    • Peak current detection   ±(3%+100)
  • Functions
    • Display count 6000
    • Sampling rate 3 times/second
    • Analog bar graph 31 sections
    • True RMS 
    • AC voltage frequency response 45Hz~400Hz
    • AC current frequency response 45Hz~400Hz
    • Diode/Continunity test 
    • Auto/Manual range 
    • Auto power off 
    • Low battery indication 
    • Data hold/MAX/MIN 
    • Function selection (SELECT) 
    • Flashlight/Auto backlight 
    • 2m drop test/IP65 
  • Other parameters
    • Power supply: 9 V battery
    • LCD size: 58 x 42 mm
    • Color: Red-gray
    • Dimensions: 180 x 87 x 59 mm
    • Weight 428 g

Kit contains

  • Universal meter Uni-T UT191E
  • Test leads
  • Battery
  • Transport bag
  • Instruction