Starter kit for Arduino - contact plate + components
  • Starter kit for Arduino - contact plate + components
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A set of basic electronic components (such as resistors, diodes or capacitors) complete with a contact plate and connecting cables. It is ideal for beginner electronics who also know Arduino

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A set of passive elements and accessories to start education in a combination of electronics and programming languages. It gives the possibility of fast joining various elements on the contact board, and the whole can be attached to the development board (eg compatible with Arduino ) using a variety of men's and mens cables (65 pieces in a set).


  • Contact plate 400 fields
  • 65x connection cable for contact plate (MM)
  • Container with DC plug for four AA batteries
  • Small DC brush motor
  • Potentiometer 10k
  • 2x ceramic capacitor 10uF / 50V
  • 2x ceramic capacitor 100uF / 50V
  • 5x ceramic capacitor 22pF
  • 5x ceramic capacitor 0.1uF
  • 5x transistor PN2222
  • 5x transistor BC547
  • Passive buzzer
  • 2x photoresistor
  • 5x small button
  • 5x 1N4007 diode
  • Box with compartments for storing elements 13cm x 6.5cm
  • Thermistor 10k
  • Resistors:
    • 10x 1k
    • 10x 1M
    • 10x 2k
    • 10x 10k
    • 10x 10R
    • 10x 5.1k
    • 10x 100k
    • 10x 100R
    • 10x 200R
    • 10x 330R
  • 2x LED red
  • 2x LED yellow
  • 2x LED blue
  • 2x green LED
  • 2x LED white
  • 1x RGB LED
ATTENTION! The set does not contain a base plate

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