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DFRobot - Digital vibration sensor

Vibrating sensor module, Plug & Play, omni-directional, designed for switching over low-current circuits. DFRobot DFR0027

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The vibration sensor module reacts to the smallest position changes, the low-speed orientation. The result of vibration detection is the high sensor module output setting. High state means vibration. The sensor detects vibrations in different directions. The signal output is designed for operation with low-current circuits, it can be used as an external interrupt signal. In the normal cycle of use, i.e. at room temperature, sensor life is 10 million switching assuming that there is one switching per second.


  • Detection of vibrations in many directions
  • Output for low-current circuits
  • Resistance of the switching element in the disconnected state: 10 MOhm
  • Response time: 0.1 ms
  • Gravity connector
  • Mounting holes with a diameter of 3 mm
  • Gilded coating
  • Power supply: 3.3 - 5 V
  • Module dimensions: 22 mm x 30 mm


  • Module with a digital vibration sensor
  • Gravity connection cable