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Programowanie mikrokontrolerów AVR w języku Bascom (e-book)

Marcin Wiązania

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Author: Marcin Wiązania
ISBN: 83-921073-2-2
Format: PDF, B5, 352 pages
BTC publisher Warsaw - paper edition 2004

About the book

The use of microprocessor systems in everyday life is already so common that it is difficult to imagine the functioning of modern man without them. This universality is caused by the huge possibilities offered by modern microcontrollers and the ease of designing devices using them. Bascom AVR enables quick and easy preparation of programs for most popular AVR microcontrollers. By using the instructions built into Bascom for LCD displays, communication interfaces (I2C, 1-Wire or RS232), TCP / IP stack and many other peripheral systems, you can write an effective and stable application very quickly. Achieving the intended effect in a microprocessor system has never been so easy! In addition, the programmer is not required to know the architecture of the microcontroller used, which is necessary when writing programs in assembler or C language.
The book describes how to use the Bascom package and the basics of the Bascom Basic language. The use of specific language instructions is illustrated by many examples with extensive comments. All project examples (and many others) can be done independently thanks to the ZL2AVR development kit with the ATmega8 microcontroller.
The book is intended for students of technical universities, as well as all electronics using AVR microcontrollers in their projects.


The examples presented in the book can be started using the ZL2AVR set.


About the author

Marcin Wiązania is a graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Częstochowa University of Technology. Since 2001, he has been cooperating with the monthly monthly Electronics Electronics, in which he leads, among others microcontroller programming course in Bascom. He also collaborates on developing new versions of Bascom with its author Mark Albert. He is also the author of many technical publications, he has developed and implemented many projects of advanced microprocessor devices. Currently, he deals with Programmable System on a Chip microcontrollers and PLDs.