Microcontrollers for beginners (e-book)
  • Microcontrollers for beginners (e-book)
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Piotr Górecki

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Author: Piotr Górecki

ISBN: 83-60233-06-3
Format: PDF, B5, 408 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw - paper edition 2006

About the book

The huge possibilities currently offered by even the simplest microcontrollers cause that many electronics people respect them. Many do not even try their hand in this area, fearing the difficulties they will encounter while harnessing the potential of an inconspicuous integrated circuit. Others, in turn, really want to start their adventure with microcontrollers, but most of the available educational materials assume at least knowledge of the basics of microprocessor technology. The course included in the book begins with the basic commands of perhaps the easiest BASIC programming language, and then shows in practical examples that the use of microcontrollers does not have to be difficult. The examples described below show both the use of microcontroller resources (UART, counters, etc.) and the control of external systems (eg LCD display, I2C, 1Wire). All exercises were performed using the described development kit.

The most accessible microcontroller programming course (on the example of the AVR family) in the most accessible programming language - BASCOM.

The author guides the reader's hand showing where the dangers lie and how to avoid the most common mistakes. The extremely accessible microcontroller programming course includes 32 exercises that you can do yourself using the development kit (test plate). The programs presented in the book were written using a demo version of the BASCOM AVR package.

The book is intended for novice enthusiasts of microprocessor systems.

Excerpt from the book:

"(...) Contrary to appearances, the basics of programming can be learned literally for one day.The barrier is not at all the degree of difficulty of the issue. Much more disturbing the psychological barrier.You may also think that programming is a task for the initiated and to master it, you need be extremely talented and have a lot of knowledge, and yet you are just an ordinary person ... Have you ever tried it and nothing came of it? (...) "


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