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PiFace Motor Control Extra

PiFace Relay Motor Control Extra (Board) for Raspberry Pi

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PiFace MOTOR CONTROL EXTRA is a expander board to the PIFACE RELAY board adding two H-Bridge motor controllers to the PiFace RELAY to control DC and stepper motors in your programs. PiFace MOTOR CONTROL EXTRA requires PiFace RELAY board to work your Raspberry Pi.


  • 2 DualHBridge motor drivers, allowing you to drive 4 DC motors
  • Raspberry Pi® HAT footprint when used with PiFace™ Relay
  • Easy connection with screw terminals
  • Compact size
  • Can be used directly in breadboards, prototyping and custom designs
  • Motor power supply voltage 0V to 11V
  • Device power supply voltage 2V to 7V
  • 4 changeover relays, 20V 1A switching max
  • Operating Temp 40° to 70°
  • Standard 0.1” pin spacing (breadboard & veroboard compatible) PiFace


  • Robotics
  • Motor control
  • Home automation