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Keybow 2040 Linear Keys - 4x4 keyboard with illuminated buttons

Mechanical mini keyboard with 16 buttons and backlight. Based on the RP2040 chip, it uses Kailh Speed Silver buttons. Pimoroni PIM561

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Mechanical, universal keyboard with 16 buttons in a 4x4 layout and LED backlight for each button. The module is based on the RP2040 microcontroller known from the popular Raspberry Pi Pico boards. It is powered and programmed with a USB type C connector using the CircuitPython language. The design of the keyboard is based on linear Kailh Speed buttons, which ensure fully smooth movement and not too loud work. Thanks to this, it is characterized by high reliability, and the transparent keycaps and LED backlight give the keyboard an amazing look. It works well as an addition to the support of popular programs for streaming, graphic processing or for pasting frequently used text or code fragments. Documentation with a library and examples in Python is available in the GitHub repository.


  • Built-in RP2040 chip
  • 2 MB Flash memory
  • 16 (4x4 matrix) low profile keys connected directly to the GPIO
  • Kailh hot-swap switch jacks (for Cherry MX compatible switches)
  • RGB LEDs for each button controlled by IS31FL3731
  • BOOTSEL button (can also be used as a user switch)
  • Reset button
  • Powered and programmable via USB-C
  • Dedicated CircuitPython libraries
  • Dimensions: 76 x 76 x 30 mm

Kit contains

  • Keybow base plate
  • Keybow center plate
  • Keybow top plate
  • Set of dowels and screws
  • 16 x Kailh Silver Switch
  • 16 x transparent button cap
  • 4 x rubber feet