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8-channel LED logic tester, 2-way

ID: 557578

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If you want to visually see what are the logic states on the pins of your microcontroller, this module allows this. In addition, you can easily and visually check the operation of operations on bits, such as bitwise shift to the left or right, sum, product etc.

The module has two rows of LEDs built-in so that the LEDs can be lit for logic "1" or "0". The last pin is the VREF reference voltage pin, if we want the LEDs to glow at the logical value of "1", we connect the last output to GND, if at the logical value "0", we connect the last pin to the "+ V" voltage.

The module pins match exactly to the prototype board. The module can be easily mounted in such a plate. The module tolerates voltage from + 3V to + 5V depending on the value of mounted resistors.

By default, the system is adapted to voltage from + 3V to + 5V. Version up to + 12V on request.


  • Input connector: 9 pin, matching the prototype board (8 channels + 1 pin reference level)
  • LED signaling: yes
  • Configuration: 1 pin or pad on the PCB, for connecting the GND or + VCC reference level
  • Additional information:
    • the outputs match the prototype board
    • jumper for disconnecting the reference pin, if the module is connected directly to the integrated circuit and it interferes with another signal from the circuit
    • built-in 16 LED diodes (8 LEDs for levels "1" and "0" each)
  • RoHS: yes
  • Power supply: from + 3V to + 5V
  • Dimensions: 23 x 15 mm

Description of leads


  • Assembled MOD-18.Z 8-channel LED logic tester, 2-way
  • Set of connectors for self-assembly (9-pin 1 pcs)

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