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SLS22-xHM computing module with Renesas RZ/V2L processor (2 Cortex-A5 + Cortex-M33 cores), 1GB RAM (DDR4) and 8 GB eMMC memory, intended for use as a computing subsystem in the PHM/SHM xHMAnalyzerMAX analyzer

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SPECIAL KIT - SoMLabs training:

  • Base plate
         StarCB-6ULL-STD v.1.1
  • module
         StarSOM-6ULL - SLS06Y2_792C_512R_04GE_3WE_C
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xHMAnalyzerMAX - PHM/SHM system (base board and computing module)
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An OEM version of the measurement system for PHM/SHM applications, creating a complete, autonomous measurement system node, equipped with a network interface. The system consists of a base board and a computing module. The measurement front-end of the base plate is equipped with AI/ML that serves as a configurable sample preselector.

The design is optimized for cooperation with computing modules based on Renesas RZ/V2L processors

Delivery date unknown

No product available!