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Practical electronics 11/2017

EP11 / 2017

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In November's Practical Electronics, gadget enthusiasts of car tuning will find an interesting gadget. I am thinking of a sequential direction indicator - a line composed of LED diodes, indicating, by means of animation, the direction in which the vehicle turns. Such a solution, in addition to the effective appearance, pays attention, and thus contributes to the improvement of road safety. Lovers of tube amplifiers should read the article about 6SN7 and ECC99 lamps working in the amplifier's control stage. It describes the differences in applications that later affect the final sound of the amplifier. IoT solution developers recommend a series of articles on LoRA modems, which at a moderate price allow you to get a good coverage while maintaining the declared data transmission speed. Under the heading "Automation and Mechatronics", we continue the 3D printing course based on the popular, free Design Spark Mechanical program and the Cura slicer. In the article from the series, we present the basics of drawing three-dimensional objects, useful for electronics. Tm, the "hero" of the article is the sprocket. Its drawing requires the use of certain specific properties of the "Move" function. In "Automatika" also a lighting controller project with LOGO! I encourage you to read!

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  • New components
  • Cocktail of Noodles
  • Prediction
  • Necessary electronics


  • Magic Matrix (2) The construction of a magically colored display driver
  • Modular listening receiver for the 80 m and 40 m "Dosia" bands (3)
  • Sequential dynamic direction indicator
  • 40 V / 3 A pulse stabilizer with current limitation and parameter meter


  • Preamplifier with elimination of a fixed component
  • Correcting the timbre
  • Audio sinusoidal signal generator


  • Geiger Counter Voltcraft Gamma Check-A

Builder notebook

  • RTOS Synergy
  • 6SN7 and ECC99 lamps in the amplifier control stage


  • OLED displays
  • LPC54000 - Cortex-M 2-core microcontrollers
  • ADAU1466 - a new DSP processor from the Sigma DSP family
  • STM8S001J3 - reference project of the evaluation set

Automation and mechatronics

  • 3D printing for electronics (3)
  • Application of IO-Link devices for process data acquisition. Practical benefits of IO-Link technology
  • Automatic lighting controller with LOGO!
  • Project with a hardware environmental simulator


  • The apparatus for electrotherapy - a new concept of relieving pain with sound
  • Tomorrow's technologies thanks to National Instruments
  • Does it have to mean anything as fast? The use of universal housings for prototypes and unit applications
  • When do we need Analog Discovery, and when Digital Discovery?


  • Android Things and Raspberry Pi 3 (1) Introduction to the system and the first project
  • How to use Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC systems with Linux - simple examples (3)
  • LoRa in practice (2)
  • Systems for the Internet of Things (11) Wireless sensor network with two-band transmission


  • Kramik and the market
  • Hits of the next issue