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TCP / IP Sockets in Java

Kenneth Calvert, Michael Donahoo

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The networking capabilities of the Java platform have been the first edition of the book. This new edition covers version 1.5-1.7, the most current iterations, as well as the following improvements:

The API (application programming interface) sections got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got got. ? section of mentions nonobvious or poorly-documented aspects of the objects.

In addition, the book covers the Java platform. New abstractions to be included include NetworkInterface, InterfaceAddress, Inet4 / 6Address, SocketAddress / InetSocketAddress, Executor, and others; extended access to low-level network information; support for IPv6; more complete access to socket options; and scalable I / O. The example code is also a change of benefits, as enumerations, as well as generics and implicit iterators.

Most Internet applications use sockets to implement network communication protocols. This book is focused, tutorial-based, Java-based projects using Java sockets. Chapter 1 provides a synchronized concept with terminology. Chapter 2 introduces the mechanics of simple clients and servers. Chapter 3 covers basic message construction and parsing. Chapter 4 then deals with techniques to build more robust clients and servers. Chapter 5 (NEW) introduces the scalable interface that was implemented in Java 1.5, including the buffer and channel abstractions. Chapter 6 discusses the relationship between the programming and the underlying protocol. Programming concepts are introduced through simple programmatic versions of the program. The book's Web site contains many examples of the command-based sockets-related code. No other resource presents so it is possible to get up and running with Java sockets programming.


* Focused, tutorial-based instruction in key sockets programming techniques.
* Concise and up-to-date coverage of the most recent platform (1.7) for Java
applications in networking technology
* Provides code for all programs via a companion.

Ch 1: Introduction to Networks, Packets and Protocols
Ch 2: Basic Sockets
Ch 3: Sending and Receiving Messages
Ch 4: Beyond the Basics
Ch 5: Scalable Interoperability
Ch 6: Under the Hood