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Programming of AVR family microcontrollers, part 1

Arkadiusz Krysiak

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Author: Arkadiusz Krysiak

ISBN: 83-86480-79-3
Format: B5, 132 pp.
Soft binding
Publisher: Typoscript

About the book
The book contains an introduction to programming with a demonstration of the use of macroinstructions and a discussion of various types of keyboard handling procedures.
The introduction itself presents the available software needed to work with the controller, its advantages and disadvantages. It presents the course of action when writing the software and explaining the method of finding errors in the software.
Describes the simplest monitor program that allows you to track the software you are testing. It thoroughly discusses the use of the preprocessor. the whole has been presented in the form of exemplary operating procedures with a description of algorithms and a demonstration of program tricks.
It is a book not only for beginners.